Helping Hands Mission Outreach of Tulsa is a not for profit church / outreach ministry to the homeless in the Tulsa Oklahoma area since Nov. 2010 . We, along with members from our home church, Calvary Chapel of Tulsa, and volunteers from other area churches, serve as volunteers at the Iron Gate, a local soup kitchen / feeding program for those in need. We also visit the homeless camps that are scattered around the Tulsa area, sharing the good news of the Gospel, food, and other necessities year round. In addition to our work with the homeless, we also seek out and help others , who may not be homeless, but are in need.

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In Genesis 1:3, God, personally and intimately, in all His persona, was involved in the Creation process for the benefit of men [and women]. Not by proxy and not without work. He put in personal effort. If God loves us so much that He went to the trouble to roll up His shirt sleeves in order to make things perfect for a mere ‘creation’, should we not have that same dedication
when we deal with people. Are we not His shepherds that go out to find the one, leaving the 99 in the fold? Is it not His light by which we see? Are we not the watchmen on the walls? Yes. We are His hands and feet in this world and we are the purveyors of His Word. We must be about His work, finding the lost, seeking those who are perishing and tending to the lame. We must be the ones who say “send me; use me”.