Sunday Evening Home Fellowship

Sunday Evenings 6-8pm

A home fellowship is a gathering that meets in the relaxed, casual atmosphere of a home. We often don’t experience the true fellowship (Koinonia) that God intended for us on Sunday mornings alone. Home Fellowships allow us to ask questions, share prayer requests and get to know one another on a more intimate and personal level.

At our home fellowships we will discuss the following things:

1) What did the Lord show you through the teaching this morning?
2) How do you believe the Lord would have you apply it in your life?
3) Do you have any questions from the morning’s teaching?

This will be open to everyone. Children are welcome, and will be sitting with us and participating as they are able (there will not be a separate program for children).

This is also a great opportunity to bring friends and neighbors. Many times people that are hesitant to go to a church will be willing to go to an informal gathering at someone’s house.
Please bring a finger food to share. Hope you can join us!

Contact the Church at (918) 500-1828 for further details